Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Time

This was a pretty busy Christmas for us. As we battled off sickness, we attempted to visit with Grandpa, Great Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn, and The Bardsley clan. We were grateful to visit with Nana and Uncle Bobby, Aunt Cassie, Uncle John, Nolan and Mazie earlier in the week during my 30th surprise birthday party. (No photos were taken- to my knowledge).

Any way, I do have a few photos from the festivities.
So, I could not keep Colin's Christmas gift a secret until Christmas and gave it to him a week early... it was a GREAT deal and he loved it! His old BBQ was pretty pathetic... rusting and falling apart.
Kellen's birthday party was the Saturday before Christmas, and we sang to him and then he blew out the candles on his cake (his favorite part).
His cake didn't taste so bad either :-)
Christmas Eve-Eve we headed to San Diego. We watched/sang Karaoke, we saw Santa (Woody) and Kellen got his first Christmas gift!
Christmas Eve we headed to the annual Baptista party and ate BBQ turkey and hung out with the cousins. I don't seem to have any photos from this either. :-(
Christmas morning however, I have a TON of photos. If any of you know me, the last year my poor camera has been under the weather missing the side panel because the screws fell out and got lost. Well, all I have to do is get new screws, but they don't make it easy to do this. The camera still works (really well), but Colin was fed up, so he got me a new one for Christmas. It came with a case, so it won't get damaged. I got some great gifts... but watching Kellen enjoy Christmas is always the best part. 
This was the first year Kellen seemed to enjoy himself while opening his presents (at least after he got over his horrific grumpy morning... was kinda weird. Here are some pics and a video of his Christmas morning adventures.
New sippy cup from Nana and Papa... we put it in with the Santa gifts because it matched. :-)
Next we headed to Grandma Shelley's house to open some more gifts.
Kellen is in love with everything Veggie Tales, Uncle Tymon and Aunt Brittani got him a coloring book with crayons!

Olivia opened her gift from aunt Haley with Uncle Colin.

Kellen was in desperate need of a nap by the end of that visit, so we headed home to nap and then went to Grandma and Grandpa B's house to visit with them and Uncle Kenny, Aunt Jenny, Laura and Josh.
Kellen and Olivia were chasing each other around the living room! It was really cute.
Watching Polar Express with cousin Josh.

Daddy and Uncle Kenny wanted to watch too!
Both the kiddos were ready to sleep on the way home in their PJ's. Here is a really cute one of Olivia.
Today I tried to put Kellen's new slippers from Nana on his feet. They tie up, so I don't think he can get them off without some real effort. For whatever reason he doesn't like to keep slippers on, and he has a few pretty cool pair. I was able to snag a picture before nap time, and I think they may still be on his feet.

So, after all the traveling, sickness, and CRAZINESS that this holiday has brought, we are all ready for NAPS!! And 2011...