Friday, January 4, 2013

Church baby has arrived!!!

And we have a baby GIRL!! When we arrived at the hospital, we were given a name, however, it changed after we left, however it has been confirmed, Sadie Leanne Church. About five minutes after we got there, Aunt Jenn arrived too, so away we snapped the pictures! Here are some pictures and video of the new cutie and all the family saying their first hellos.

Sadie and her new proud Auntie's!! And mommy too. :-)
Already smiling for the camera! Eyes open and everything.
Mommy... so happy because she only had to sneeze twice and she came right out! :-)
Ready for some bows and head bands!
So on a scale of 0-10, what's your pain right now, Cassie- "Ugh maybe a one or zero cause I'm smilin."
Aunt Jenn and baby Sadie
Proud dad and uncle smile for a picture. John's glad they didn't have to come in to the hospital in the middle of the night!
Happy Mommy
Nolan and Mazie arrived to say hello! Here is a short video.
Mazie giving little sister a kiss.
Mom, do I still have to share a room with her?
Big brother... of two sisters. :-) 
Holding little sister
Proud Auntie!
Uncle Colin with the little peanut.
Hi Everyone! I'm Sadie Leanne! See you all soon!