Saturday, March 20, 2010

Honorary Team Mate- Jeannine Martineau

Above is a picture of my close friend Jeannine Martineau, (with her  beautiful granddaughter Ronnie). I asked Jeannine to write a small bio for all you to read so that you could learn a little more about her and what she has gone through over the last seventeen years. Here is her story:

"Seventeen years ago I faced the diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After a 4 year battle I thought cancer was in my past. Little did I know that my b-cell cancer was just dormant and morphed into multi-myeloma, a blood cancer of the bone marrow whose tumors feed on bone. There is not a cure yet but races like this marathon provide hope one will be found.

I was diagnosed when the cancer ate through my vertebrae and I was paralyzed from the waist down. After surgeries and 3 years of intense therapy I now walk with a cane. I have already had my lifetime limit of radiation to my spine, have undergone numerous doses of chemo therapy including experimental drugs and am hoping to qualify for a risky experimental transplant at UCLA which could prolong my life for 1 to 2 years.

I am very blessed to have the love and support of my family and friends. Mindie is one of my “kids” and her willingness to include me on her team is a true blessing. I pray that the Lord will keep you all free from injury, in good health and your efforts will lead to more awareness and a cure for us all. Love and Blessings, Jeannine."

Ok, if you can get through reading that without crying, you are either heartless or stronger than me. To give a short update on Jeannine, she is still trying to qualify for the stem cell transplant. However, her last check-up this past week (March 18th) did not go well. According to her son, Jeff, her cancer count is still too high to have the transplant. Please keep her in your prayers. Remember, your donations go directly to research that helps find cures for cancers like Jeannine's. Thank you so much for your support everyone!!

You can donate right now if you like: just click HERE. If you would like to purchase a candle, see information below on previous post.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gold Canyon Candles

To change up my fundraising a little bit, I have decided to fundraise some additional items. I am so grateful to everyone that has donated so far and if you were planning on donating, you still can.

However, I know it is nice to get something in return as well. SO, I am selling Gold Canyon Candles. It is really simple.

Do you know someone that loves candles that is celebrating a birthday? Anniversary? MOTHER's DAY!?!?! Now is the time to start thinking about those that would LOVE to have one of these candles!!

There are 3 sizes, three prices and several scents:

26oz. = $25.00 burns for 175-200 hours
16oz. = $21.00 burns for 120-140 hours
8oz. = $17.00 burns for 50-65 hours

Tax and shipping included

Some cool facts about the candles:
Strong fragrance- The fragrance, is strong and true to life! The fragrance catalogue that I have includes a "Scratch and Sniff" for each scent, so you can get a smell of what you order!
Double Wicks- This ensures and evenly burning candle so there is no messy, residual wax left on the walls of the candle jar.
Safety feature- Each candle wick is fitted with a safety collar, causing the candles to self extinguish at the appropriate safety level. In addition, the unique cool wax formula is warm to the touch and will not burn the skin if a candle is accidentally bumped or turned over.
Burn Hours- These babies burn for up to 200 hours!! That's getting your money's worth!!

The scents include: apple spice, cinnamon, cinnamon vanilla, clean sheets, ginger lime, grapefruit splash, pomegranate, rose, cotton splash, cranberry orange, cucumber melon, fresh orange, strawberry shortcake, sweet pea, and wild flowers.

Unfortunately, I can't sell online... the company is working on that for the fundraiser aspect. I have a catalogue and the purchases much be made directly through me. Depending on how many orders I get, I will make an order every 2-4 weeks.

You can look at their website to get more information, but if you would like to purchase candles here is what I need:

Phone Number
Email Address
Candle size, scent and amount

I can give you a total with shipping and tax, and if you live far away you can mail me a check. The candles get mailed directly to you. CORRECTION!!! The candles get mailed to me, and then I deliver them... if you live far away you can order online instead, but it will not support my cause. SO SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION!!! The check must be made out to me (write "candles" in the memo), and then I write one check to the director in my area, and a percentage goes to my TNT fundraiser. A small percentage also goes to a charity called, "The Prayer Child Foundation."

If you have any questions please call, email, facebook, or comment below!