Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crazy Busy!!

These last few months have flown by. This is our room mate Lori. We are pretty blessed. She is very sweet, easy to get along with, and has such an amazing giving spirit! 
Since our move we have: 
1. Completed facilitating our first round of Financial Peace University at Sandals Church.
2. Started the second group of Financial Peace University last night - as well as another group starting up Thursday that will be facilitated by graduates from the first group.
3. Colin's Soccer team won a Division 5 CIF Championship.
4. He had 4 days off and then started assistant coaching for the Girls Softball Team.
5. Eliminated the Wells Fargo Personal loan.
6. I am helping with the Women's Ministries at Sandals during the daytime, and some cool stuff is going to be happening over the next few months.
7. Kellen has successfully pooped in the toilet for the last week. (Yes, minor to most of you, but a HUGE step in the Gilliland house).
8. I completed another round of INSANITY... and will start Les Mills Pump in the coming days, and probably start running 4-6 days a week. I was running, but I've learned that when you don't feel good taking a few days off is better than being sick for a month.
9. I figured out how to use Instagram... but it's really slow on my droid. :-/

10. I have a pinterest... yeah, not sure what you really do, I just pin up cool pictures of things I like, and I think that is all you are supposed to do, but I am not sure why other people "follow," me on that. :-) Gilliland Pinterest Click Here
11. I have learned to make a few new yummy recipes, and I've taken pictures of them with my phone and/or camera but I have not blogged about them yet. :-(
12. Colin's sister Haley came to visit from New York for a whole week! Kellen instantly re-bonded with her and her friend Tyler. (So cute)
13. Easter came and went, and Sandals baptized over 300 people!!! The annual Easter Egg hunt and dinner with the Bardsley's was super fun. (Still need to post the videos!)

14. Kellen has now memorized John 3:16 and he is working on Genesis 1:31.
15. Colin has learned how to play Skipbo, pretty sure he is the first male in the family (in reference to the McDonough's) that has ever been willing to do this.
16. Bonus- Skipbo can be used as flash cards for Kellen to learn his numbers (at least 1-12)
17. Kellen is stuck on 3 books- he LOVES and must read his ABC's book every day, and his pop up book.
18. He also has to read his "Animals on the Farm" book while he sits on the potty... such a cute kid.
19. Kellen had his first "S'more" this month after he has become addicted to watching, "Sandlot." We made them with mini marshmallows on the stove. See Picture
20. Finishing up my April book, "The Wealthy Barber," and then I will write a review, and I will be on to a new book for May.

And that is all I can think of right now. I'm sure there is more, but then again, there is always more. :-)

Happy April to everyone!