Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This year we went to Riverside for the big night to hang out with our small group and go trick or treating with Kellen's buddies. Well, Kellen wasn't all that interested in wearing a costume... or going trick or treating. (I'm pretty sure he was the only almost 4 year old on the planet not interested. He decided to hang out at the house and pass out the candy to the other kids that were dressed up. And since his costume was given to us and we don't really hype up Halloween we were all for it. What am I suppose to do, punish my kid for not wanting to pretend to be someone else?
It was such a joy to watch how excited he got when he would see a group of kids come by. "Here they come mommy!" And when they would leave he would ask, "Are there more kids coming to get candy?" There sure were. Some of the awesome ladies in our small group made little bags of candy with a Sandals church information card in them. There were over 100 and we ran out! Added bonus, none of the Gilliland's will have to worry about gaining the candy pounds...
When the other kids came back from trick or treating Kellen and his friend Cayden played in the bounce house. Yep, they set up a bounce house in the front yard and kids would stop by to jump and then be on their way. Kellen had a blast. And passed out on the way home of course. :-) I was really proud of him, how many kids do you know that would do this???

This second photo is of Kellen and the pumpkin he decorated at school. They used material to glue decorations on them, Kellen decorated his like a puppy. He posed with it in the car when I picked him up. He likes to pop his head through the sunroof of the car (when it's parked of course.)
I'm pretty sure he has no idea what the point of Halloween is (neither do I really) But we sure had a great time hanging out with our friends.

Friday, October 26, 2012

May Book Review... and June and July

OK, so I took a little longer than expected to finish the book that I started in May. However, I have finished three books so I'll write briefs about each of them.

Ruth Graham's latest book, "Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There."
This was more like a devotional book... it took a while to get through, because it was deep. I recommend this book, it was very encouraging.
Nicholas Spark's book, "The Lucky One." Fiction, it was entertaining. I finished it fast.

Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts."This book was a great reminder to live each day on purpose and reminded me that the simple is a gift. I highly recommend this book, and I will probably read it again. There is a blog and an app to go with this book and you can make your own list of 1000 gifts.

Kellen Favorites

(Kellen, sitting by the fire he helped Daddy make)
Today was Kellen's first "Favorites" interview... it was kind of fun to ask him all his favorites to see what he would say. Here we go:

Kellen what is your favorite...

Color- Blue

Movie- Veggie Tales

Animal- Dinosaur (I would have never guessed that, he owns NO dinosaurs)

Food- Noodles and strawberries

Drink- Water

Book- Good Night Construction Site

Friends- Kayden, Landon, & Brandon

Song- Pirates that don't do anything

Letters- this was cute, "K-E-L-L-E-N"

Sport- Soccer, (this was suggested by daddy)

Car's Character- Sheriff

Toy- Blue Race Car (still at the store, he's saving to buy one... only $6 of chores left!)

That's all folks... this was too much fun.