Friday, June 1, 2012

First trip to the dentist

Ahh the Dentist... technically it was the third visit, but it was the first time he had his teeth cleaned, and the first time he actually had more than just his teeth looked at. 

A few weeks back Kellen bonked heads with his cousin at grandma's house and a previous injury to his tooth started to bother him. We took him to our dentist, Derek Hauser, and they took an x-ray of the tooth. He recommended a kid dentist in Temecula, we call him Dr. Mick. Unfortunately there hasn't been much they can do for his damaged tooth, however, keeping the rest of the teeth clean is obviously a top priority. 

He had his teeth cleaned and did pretty well. Here are some photos of event. He was a little nervous, with the usual fingers in his mouth. They let him sit on dad's lap to complete the cleaning.
He quickly calmed down and let Dr. Mick look at his teeth. As you can see daddy is trying to coach him with his mouth open too! Ha ha!
Dr. Mick has a dental hygienist that cleans the kiddos teeth, just like we have Erin at Dr. Hauser's office. Kellen was quick to let her take a look at his teeth like a good patient. 
They were kind enough to make sure that the light didn't shine in his eyes. :-) He also liked it when they moved the chair down. Colin may fall asleep!
 She quickly got to work scraping and polishing. He liked the water and suction tube too!

 The whole thing was done really quickly... making me less nervous too. :-)
 After his cleaning they took some old school x-rays. Kellen was very still. Apparently the old style x-ray is better to get a good look at kids teeth. That or Dr. Mick likes the old school one because it is cheaper than buying a new one so he can use all his extra money for fishing! Ha ha, if it ain't broke...
It was a successful visit. Kellen got two "prizes," toys from the toy box, and we scheduled an appointment to put a Serum on his back top molars. Those are the hardest to keep clean on a kid, and he has deep groves in them. The serum helps prevent cavities, since he will need to keep those particular teeth for another 9+ years. We scheduled both that appointment and his next cleaning in November. The whole process was very quick. 

** His second appointment went real well. They were not sure if he would sit through the entire procedure, placing the serum on his teeth, sucking all the extra stuff out, using the laser light to dry them, and then repeating on the other tooth. It was just Kellen and I for that trip and he didn't even have to sit on my lap. And, the whole procedure was super fast!! 

All in all some great visits to the dentist with little Kellen Lee. Hopefully helping to make him not fear the dentist, and to take good care of his teeth (so that he doesn't have to visit for anything other than cleanings). Good Job Buddy!