Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kellen's Favorites 2014

Old post that never got published, lol... 

Kellen will be 5 1/2 tomorrow. Last night at dinner, we randomly started asking him about some of his "favorites," to engage him in conversation, I figured I'd write them down. 

Favorite color: blue
Favorite movie: Lightening McQueen
Favorite letter: Z
Favorite number: 1000 (ha ha) 
Favorite vegetable: broccoli
Favorite fruit: strawberries
Favorite animal: dragon 
Favorite toy: Optimus Prime
Favorite book: One Fish,Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish 
If you could have a pet, what would it be? A dog
Favorite song: ABC's song
Favorite food: I don't know

Our little man starts kindergarten in August. He's pretty excited to be in Miss. Mitzy's class. He's been very interested in reading. He's been self engaging in several beginner books, and when we read from his Bible at night, we point out new words for him to try to read.

About a month ago he was pretty interested in trying gymnastics. I think we may have him check it out in July to see if it's something he wants to get in to. He changes his mind so frequently. He is still very much into his Legos and he just bought the Lego Movie. I brought home some hocke sticks for him to play with for the summer, and he has a two wheeled scooter and bike now. 

A few weeks ago, Kellen and Colin used the sidewalk chalk in the back yard to create a race track. They drew the lines around the chairs and around the play set and made a large start line and a checkered finish line. They would race the course and then hop off the bikes and scooters and run over to the hop scotch squares they made and finish a quick game if hop scotch. We've also played catch with the frisbee and a little baseball too. Kellen would bat, I would catch and Colin would pitch, we try to take him to the park too. He enjoys going down the slides, and has recently been very interested in mastering the monkey bars. He has successfully completed the monkey bars several times, and is now working on I his pull ups and push ups in the weight room when Colin and I go and work out so he can get so thronged on he the monkey bars. 

Colin and I have been doing the BFS workout since mid April. My squat max has gone from 185 to 225. My bench max from 95 to 115, and my dead lift from 200 to 235. Kellen enjoys stacking the steps and jumping on them, as well as jump from bosu ball to bosu ball. He's doing well at pull ups and push ups too. No weights, just body resistance. I pray a lot for Kellen, obviously, but one of the many gig a I pray for, is that he would enjoy being outside and moving, I'm hoping that because mom and dad enjoy it, he will too. 

Until next time...