Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kellen's Gift

Kellen has a really cool new toy. We were on our way to church and we had not picked up the mail in a few days so we decided to get it on our way out. Inside was a gift from Great Grandma & Grandpa McDonough. It is a sing along worship book. There are 10 children's Bible songs that have the words written down on the page and the option for music to play while you sing along with a little microphone!

At first Kellen wasn't sure what to do with it, but thankfully he didn't give up. A few days later he grabbed it before bed time and started pushing the buttons on his own. I held the book and sang with him (sorry, I'm a horrible singer, but I'll do anything if it means spending quality time with my kiddo and teaching him more about Jesus). So, now we have worship before bed time, and that particular night he read his Bible too. I would like to get him, "The Jesus Bible," soon. In the mean time, he won't really let us read to him yet, he did when he was little. Right now he likes to look at all the pages, and point out Jesus and he really likes John the Baptist too, I think it is because John the Baptist is so big and burly, (I mean come on, what kid doesn't think it's cool to wear camels hair as a jacket??) It was such a fun night. We were in his bed room for at least a half hour singing, and "reading." I pray he will never get tired of singing and learning about Jesus and what He did for us. So our new night time routine seems to be Worship, Bible Study, and prayer. :-) What a great way to end the day. Here is a short video, and some photos.

Singing along together...

Getting ready to pick the next song...

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