Monday, July 15, 2013

May book review, and June.

I have finished reading two more books since April. The first book is called, "The Vegetable Container Gardener's Bible, and the second is called, "I Will Carry You." 

The VCGB, is a how-to book about starting a garden in just about any space, inside and outside. It gives a run down of what you will need, and how to get started. It also gives a detailed description of every plant and herb that grows in containers. It also teaches you how to make fertilizer, compost and self containing water systems. It also gives home made ideas for getting rid of pests organically. After reading this book, I decided to wait to start my gardening adventure until we move next month. I think I will start with tomatoes and maybe asparagus. My next adventure will be heading to Home Depot to search out what I will need (prices for supplies and starter plants). 

 I definitely recommend this book to anyone that want to start a garden. Thank you Liz Turley for recommending this book, and for Shelley Gilliland for getting it for me for Christmas! 

The second book I have finished is called, "I Will Carry You," by Angie Smith.
It was an Easter present from grandma, she always gifts such great books. It is the true story of Angie Smith's fourth pregnancy in which 18 weeks into it they discover that the baby will not be able to survive outside the womb, and her very really experience with carrying the baby full term. I have never cried so much reading a book. 😭I recommend it for anyone that has ever had pregnancy struggles, miscarriages or just wants to better understand what a woman deals with when experiencing these tragedies. This picture is right after delivery... 

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