Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 25th Anniversary!

OK, so this blog is mainly about Kellen, but occasionally I like to write a little shout out to the family. June, is shout out month because there are birthdays and anniversaries up the wazoo! Next up, Nana & Papa. Happy 25Th Anniversary!! They met when I was real little and married in 1984, December of 1985 they had my little bro and it's all been down hill from there. KIDDING!! They currently reside in Reno, Nevada and get to enjoy much cooler temperatures in the summer than we do here in Southern Cali.

Nana is the lucky lady of 2 grandchildren and the owner of 2 dogs to keep her occupied when she can't see those 2 grand kids.

Papa works as an estimator for a construction company, he's been doing this as long as I have known him (in San Diego, Las Vegas and now Reno). They are really great parents, and grandparents. You should see their house, it is filled with pictures of Kellen and Nolan (my sister's kiddo). Nana is coming down to visit in August for Kellen's first over-nighter away from mom and dad. It is still over 2 months away and I am already trying to prep myself!

So, there they are. My most recent pictures of them with Kellen, enjoying their grandson and now celebrating 25 years together. Happy Anniversary Nana & Papa (mom & dad), we love you!!


  1. So awesome. Congrats to your parents for their wonderful example!
    My parents just celebrated 44 years, and John's parents 52! (wow).
    Makes our anniversary of 8 years tomorrow seem trivial. :D

  2. And our 6 year even more trivial. 52, dang, that is so great!!!