Wednesday, August 19, 2009


As of about a week ago, Kellen has become a crawler. Within the last few days he has really started moving!! I can't believe how fast he is growing up! Every morning when he wakes up I look at him and say, "Did you get bigger in your sleep?" My nickname for him is, "Little Boy," but he is growing so quickly, he is outgrowing even his nickname!
He still only has 2 teeth, however the top 2 right in front are so swollen I wish I could just make them come out. They have been troublesome for him, but I know he tries not to complain. He is such a good boy. We love him so much and are so blessed to have him in our lives. He brings so much joy to each day.
Today when I was feeding him some cereal, he was making so many different facial expressions. He is way cooler than me, and I laugh at some of the things he does. He likes to blow in my face, and when he eats his cereal he makes a little noise when I put it in his mouth like he is saying, "mmmm." It is so cute. He still takes 2 naps each day, and does very well sleeping through the night. He loves his bed, and he loves taking baths. He splashes all around and I usually put a towel over my legs so he doesn't get me wet while I sit and watch him.
I think we are going to head down to the pool tomorrow to try swimming on our backs, and going
under water a little more. There was this really cool video I saw on youtube (I made it one of my favorites) that shows the progression of babies learning to swim from 6 to 16 months! It was incredible! Kellen loves the water so much, I wonder if he would be interested in learning to swim kind of early. I guess we can always try.
We just recently went on a camping trip to Mammoth, I will try to upload some pictures tomorrow for everyone to see. We had a good time.

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