Monday, August 10, 2009

Camp Adventures

July 26th to July 31st were the dates for this years cross country camp. Kellen and Colin came along with me. This was Kellen's first experience with "camping." He stayed at the campsite pretty much all day, and then he had a cabin for his pack in play bed time. Here are some of the photos I took at camp.
To the left, he fell asleep on a hike. He enjoys the motion I guess and the fresh air.

The dirt wasn't really the best place for him to play, so I brought his blow up pool and put some toys in it. It kept him busy for a little while. Kellen was part of the "blue" team, that is why he is wearing a blue bandana.
He was so exhausted on one of the trips from the cabin to the campsite (a whoping .8mile drive) that he fell asleep in his old carseat. So, I left him in the chair. He slept for about 20 minutes.

This was at dinner time. He enjoyed eating his greens and chicken, so much he wanted to make sure that everyone saw him.

"Hi Ma! I'm ready to go for a ride." We used the passanger seat in the old ghetto van as a changing station. I'm sure it's had worse on it. It was a quick diaper change.

This is a picture of Kellen's first time bowling, we went to Lake Gregory on Wednesday and Kellen watched us bowl. He wanted to rub the ball for good luck. I bowled a 166... not much but sadly, my highest score ever! Thanks buddy!

Check out my attached youtube video to see him playing in the food tent at camp!


  1. camp looks super fun!

    Wow! I had no clue you knew the August's either! I have known Marin since high school thru Student Venture activities and up until recently we have gone to church together! You can see their "baby" Makenna, on the board with Peter, she's 18 months now! Marin is a faithful "attendy" to the play dates here at my house! We really would love for you and Kellen to join us sometime soon!

  2. We had just got back in town from Mammoth this past Tuesday, I am settling in to my new, "Domestic Engineering," job. I hope that we can come to the next one. :)