Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Tonka Walker

Walking with Help from Mindie Gilliland on Vimeo.

Kellen has a new toy, thanks to another Nolan donation. It is a tonka truck that has a chair that transforms into a push tool that allows him to stand behind it and walk. This thing has some bells and whistles. The horn makes 4 different noises, there is a blinker, and the ignition key actually "starts" the engine. Howver, it doesn't turn very well; but he is doing really well walking behind it. His little legs look so cute. Is it just me (the paranoid parent) or does his left leg look like it limps or is shorter than the right leg?

He went for like 10 minutes back and forth across the living room to the kitchen and didn't get tired, we just sort of gave up on steering him. He pushed it into a corner and got a little mad, we tried to let him figure it out and turn it on his own and after about 2 minutes of screaming crying because he was pissed off, we helped him a little. We knew as soon as we took him to a new toy he would scream, and well... he did. Combined with being tired, he didn't take it lightly that we made him take a break from his toy. I think he likes it.

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  1. I love wut u guys did w/ ur FB. Kellen is growing up fast! :) I miss u all a whole lot. Love Alawys, Sarah :)