Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween from our Little Lion

Ok, so this was obviously our first year trick or treating and Kellen got to wear his cute lion costume to three different costume parties. First, we headed to Trunk or Treat at Sandals Church on Friday evening with cousin Nolan and auntie Cassie. Then, our bud Nathaniel had a birthday party Saturday, and then the Lopez's invited us to their home to trick or treat and have dinner. Here are some pictures from some of the events: Mr. Lion crawling his way around the Shovlowsky's playrooom. He was slipping all over the place trying to get a grip on the slick wood floors. We took so many pictures of him!Our gracious Halloween host, Sara Lopez, made the cutest cup cakes with ghost faces and hershey kisses. They were not only cute to look at but yummy to taste!

Do you see the scary spiders on the plate? The Veggies were arranged to look like little spiders inside the dip. Another yummy treat!

What drink would be complete without sour worms crawling around the outside of the bowl. A few actually fell in and added some crazy flavors to the limeade.

The lion costume gave him a little heat rash the first night, so we were going to have him dress up as a track star, but it was way too cold outside. So, he sucked it up and put the costume on again. He didnt' seem to mind that much.

Here he is with half his costume on. It was so cute watching him crawl around with big ol' feet and a normal upper body!

The jersey was a little big (there were shorts tucked into his diaper underneath because they were falling down to his ankles). He kept the track outfit on under his lion costume and we stripped him back down after he went trick or treating.

Here he is in the wagon, while daddy pushed him from house to house to get candy. I think he is sitting on his candy bucket at this point, he kept slipping off of the back seat into the middle and dumping the candy over. He was such a good boy, and daddy was the best pulling him around in the wagon. It was a successful first halloween. Hope it was happy for everyone!!

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