Monday, November 30, 2009

The other day after Kellen's afternoon nap, we brought him downstairs after we pulled down the Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations. We made sure to set up the Christmas tree while he was napping so that there would not be any baby drama. Below is a short video of the first time that he saw the Christmas tree lit up.

OOOHHH from Mindie Gilliland on Vimeo.

Here are a few other pictures of the house, once it was finished being decorated. I'm sure there will be more to come later, I usually end up adding more as the month progresses! This is a tissue box that my mom made me a few years ago. The tissues come out of the chimney and it looks like little smoke. It sits in the bathroom.
As you walk up the stairs there is some greens! I added white Christmas lights last year, but I am not sure if I want to do that this year.
My humble little dinning room table with the home made place settings that Grandma McDonough made me, with the napkin holder my mom gave me, and all the pieces to the calendar that is below... the count down calendar.
Another home made item. The "Count Down" Calendar was also made by my Grandma McDonough and Kellen and I will count down the days to my birthday, his birthday and Jesus' birthday! The Santa door knob decor is from my mom... Kellen likes to touch the beard.
These are the stockings that my Grandma McDonough made. The far left is Kellen's, the middle is Colin's and my stocking (the oldest) is on the right. They are hanging (by hooks) on the fireplace that we never use because they are fake logs and you have to turn the gas on to get a little flame without actual heat! One day we will have a house with a real fire place so we can enjoy the flame and the heat without adding to the gas bill.
This is the wreath that I made for the front door. The door needs to be repainted, who knows if we are allowed to do that or if the HOA people have to do it. I bought all the parts to it on sale at Joann Fabrics.
Finally, the grand finale! The Christmas tree. We broke down a few years ago and bought a fake one at Costco. The branches really do look real! Plus, no bugs, dirt tree trimmings to pick up and the lights stay on the tree; you plug them in (after putting the 3 pieces together) and instant beautiful. Just add ornaments and ribbon if you wish. We buy the Christmas tree candles at Bath and Body Works and there isn't much to miss. (Unless you like the dirt and bugs...)

***Still to come, the Dicken's Village! I have to wait until the weekend for Colin to help me out by drilling holes in the back of the cabinet so the cords don't hang for Kellen to play with. I will add those pictures once it is all done. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that was the cutest video ever! What a baby doll he is. :)

  2. My baby doll is going to be one in 19 days! I cna't believe how fast the time has gone!!!!