Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crazy Cooking Ladies

This is my second time being involved in the "Cooking Co-Op." Well, that is what I call it. Here is the scoop:
So six ladies get together, we each get a grocery list, we have "homework- AKA- items to prep before the big cooking fest," and then we all get together to put 20 meals that can serve 4 to 6 people per meal into freezer bags, Tupperware and cooking dishes.
This is some of the food that we bring, buy, and/or borrow for the big event. Then, we split up and start prepping meals.

Here, Liz is rolling a bunch of meat balls. Haven't had this one yet, but you can use them for spaghetti or sandwiches, etc.
We even recruited some of the kids to help do small tasks like opening cans and separating jars. Hannah was such a good helper.
We started some of the meals, Nesha and I on the left were working on the Pesto chicken (OMG it was so good!!!) Angel was prepping one of the yummy soups. I haven't had it yet, but I'm sure it will be fantastic!
After hour 2 miles decided to order the hard working ladies some pizza for dinner. What a great guy!
We get into a pretty good rhythm and there's just no stopping us!
This time it took us a little less than 6 hours, mainly because we stopped for a dinner break, and had some new meals that we were not completely sure about. However, at the end of the day, each lady only had to dish out 132 bucks for 20 meals!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!?! We have so much food, we usually only have to get together every other month. My freezer is loaded! And it is so great to have meals prepped that you know are going to taste good, and won't take as long to make, and didn't cost and arm and a leg, and thigh etc... :)
I definitely recommend signing up to do this cooking group stuff, or talk to the master, (Heidi Thompson) and start your own group! It was so much fun, and so cheap!!

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