Thursday, January 21, 2010


So about a month ago my cousins got to spend some time with Kellen and they tried to get him to start walking to them. I swear we worked (they, while I tried to video tape) for about two hours and he maybe took two steps. We haven't really pushed him since, he's taken steps a few times but nothing major.

Until today... it is official. This is just one of a few videos already, but Kellen is a walker now!! It is kind of weird how he just started doing this yesterday, he took about 6 steps to me and then was kind of over it for the day.

Today he started to do it again, but I had a witness this time. Colin saw him do it too. I had to find the camera that usually sits on top of the counter. And we decided to video tape him after he had done it a few times. Now, he just gets up and walks whenever he feels like it! Usually he will pull himself up first onto a near by object and then just start going! It is so cute! His arms are out in front of him to help balance. All that work finally paid off!!


  1. SO cute! And SOOOO EXCITING!! Go Kellen! :)

  2. Congratulations! He is so so cute! I love the arms out front!