Tuesday, August 24, 2010

20 Months Old Already

Time seems to be flying these days. Here is the most recent video of our big boy with a whole bunch of food in his mouth!! Black beans and biscuits... pretty sure that was a left-over night dinner. Thankfully the boys don't seem to care!

After dinner we cleaned him up and he proceeded to run around the house in just a diaper. I was able to snag him for a moment and after several pictures we got a smile!

Even though he's had SEVERAL hair cuts, this kid doesn't particularly enjoy the trims these days. I've tried giving him snacks, entertaining him with the blow dryer (his favorite) having him look in the mirror etc. I think he just doesn't like the actual salon, too much going on and it distracts him. I think the next attempt will have to be at our stylists house... in the mean time he has so much hair it allows us to do things with it like the picture below!

It has been so hot outside during the day that sometimes we lack creativity in finding things for him to do. When the playground in our condo complex isn't hot to the touch he enjoys the slides and at church he plays with the kids on the slide too. Sometimes we watch an occasional children's video. His favorite is "Finding Nemo, and Walle." He also enjoys an occasional "Veggie Tales," courtesy of Netflix. Here he is watching "Nemo or as he says it, 'Memo and Dorie.'"
Ahhh yes, driving. Kellen would sit in the car for hours a day and pretend to drive if we would let him. Not only does he LOVE to drive he loves to push ALL the buttons in the car and even the hazard lights! Here he is sitting in the car at camp after our Cross Country kids ran up Killer Peak. The Varsity girls all had "Toy Story" themed shirts with temporary tattoos. They gave one to Kellen to wear and he sported his MV pride by wearing an old racing singlet courtesy of Bethany Bilton (his babysitter).

This final video is of Kellen trying to look in the mirror at himself. It was so cute I just had to tape it. He kept giggling when he would see himself in the mirror. So easily entertained, I love it!

Now that Colin has started back to school, Kellen and I hang out all day every day. :-) Nolan still joins us on Wednesdays. He is such a great boy, we are truly blessed to have him in our lives and are thankful that God has allowed us to be his parents. We constantly pray for him and his daily journeys. Hope you enjoyed the new pictures!


  1. Ahhh! It is amazing how fast they grow! Hard to believe our little guys are almost 3 and 1! Maybe we could get all of our men together some time!?