Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another month gone by...

It's amazing to me how fast the time seems to go by. Yet, some days seem like they never end. Kellen is now only 3 months shy of his 2nd birthday. He continues to shower us with his many talents... he seems very aware of his surroundings. He points out everything; the moon, cars, trucks (trash man in particular), water, slides, etc. However, his ultimate favorite is still LIGHTS!!! He will not hesitate to scream it with excitement when he comes upon them and they do not have to be outside at night time, they can be in the house too. Nana just gave Kellen a little monster truck with tires that light up when you push a button. He will go into the bathroom and close the door so he can see the lights shine bright on the tires.

I never thought having a kid would make me more friendly, however we are very adamant about Kellen being polite and saying hello to people (as well as saying please and thank you of course) and well, he makes sure to say hello to everyone! We go to the park in our complex almost daily to burn some toddler energy and whenever there is another kiddo (or adult along the way) Kellen makes sure that he says hello to them all! He made 3 new friends tonight at the park (5 if you include parents, and 7 if you include the neighbor walking her dog).

Kellen is fascinated with the dish washer as well. He will watch me unload the dishes and put them away. He has started removing items one at a time and handing them to me. He will grab a cup, walk over to me and say, "here," and then go back to the dish washer to get more. Colin decided it would be a fun idea to show him how we use the dishwasher one day. He even showed him which button starts the dishwasher, and now if we aren't careful, Kellen will start the dishwasher and wash the same set of dishes several times!

The hardest part right now about having a toddler is the inability for him to always communicate with us. He gets upset when we can't figure out what he needs and of course the tantrums begin. We've found that if we change his attention to something else he usually calms down.

We have been bouncing the idea back and forth several times as to whether or not we want another kiddo one day, we know it will eventually happen probably. However, for now, we are happy with enjoying our little man.

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