Monday, September 27, 2010

Our First Mud Run

Last weekend, Colin and I participated in the Gladiator Mud Run in Lake Elsinore. It was a 3 mile run with muddy obstacles to tackle. It was really fun. We dressed up in old Murrieta Valley Cross Country uniforms- didn't really matter if those got dirty, there are a million of them and we are trying to get rid of them any way. Colin looked pretty hot in his little outfit if I might add. :-) There were 12 "obstacles" some included jumping over things while others required you to go through mud. We had mixed reviews from veteran runners, but we had a pretty good time and we got nice and dirty... here are some photos.
We are still nice and clean, Renee took a picture of us before we headed out to the race. Thank you so much Renee for taking pictures and for watching our little kid!! He will love you forever because you gave him his first snow cone!!!
Kellen enjoyed playing in the rocks before the race in the little amount of shade we could find... behind the BBQ pork tent!
"It's hot, let's get this race started already!" Kellen was patiently waiting for us to get going.
Cheese! Two minutes to race time!! One last final clean photo... even though we were already sweating a lot.
 You couldn't see much of the race except the end, here we come approaching the last mud pit!!
 Oh yeah, I pass this girl... Colin was right next to me! The mud was kinda warm... gross.
 I'm pretty sure this is where Colin said he was trying to breath and got mud and dirt all over his teeth! Ewee!
Coming down to the finish... I haven't seen any pictures on the website, but this was pretty sweet looking. 

 Yummy, mud all down my arms... or at least part of them. Kinda weird how that happened.
Just finishing the race... yay we made it!! It's hot out here! Where do we go now??
Muddy kisses! And I'm pretty sure his face was nice and sweaty too.
Our first completed muddy race... where do we clean off??

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