Saturday, May 30, 2009

My First Teeth

Ok, so a few days ago I took this picture of my cutie and you can see that his gums are pretty swollen. Those two bottom teeth really want to jump out and say hello to the world. My kid is such a ham, he is starting to enjoy taking pictures. I think he is still a little too young to really "pose," but he gets a good photo now and then.

He has been teething now for about 2 months. This process seems to really take a long time, and after my sister told me that her son Nolan started teething at 3 months and didn't actually sprout a tooth until 9 months I was a little bummed at how much misery the poor kid might be in for. However, since Nolan and Kellen have been opposites in every way, I had a little bit of hope that he'd shed a tooth a little earlier. Something to make all that drool that covers his entire shirt, his hands, face, the carpet, and sometimes anyone else that is holding him and everything else he is around (like his exersaucer).

Well, it finally happened. Last night I was putting him to bed and we were in the middle of our usual routine of oragel to help numb the pain before the fingers went to the mouth and I felt a little poke through. The bottom right tooth was finally poking through!! The left tooth hasn't made its way quite yet, but it is only a matter of time. Not sure if you can really see it in the photo or not, but you can kind of see the little gums in this picture, and he looks so darn cute. Before you know it, he is going to have a whole mouth full of teeth! Hopefully my next blog is not about the new found pains of breast feeding!!


  1. Ah so cute! Josiah got his first two teeth on his 5 month bday, then 2 weeks later the top two came out, and I swear to you, it was like that until they were all there... I think he had all his teeth before his first bday! (and breast feeding wasn't affected by them except for a few rare times he clamped down b/c he was done and getting tired... just forgot what he was doing I think.. not intentional.)

  2. Hi Mindie! I found your blog amd now you can find mine! And yay for teeth! Teething has it's up and down days, and I have blogged many times regarding Ewan's teething. :)