Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boo Boos

OK, I almost forgot to post the worst day of my life. The day Kellen got his first boo boo, and it was ALL my fault.
We were at church about a month ago and Kellen and I were in the middle of our usual routine. We attend church in Riverside, at Sandals, and arrive early so Colin can serve at the coffee cart first service and then we attend second service. I usually hang out with Kellen during first service and then he goes to Flip Flops, the children's ministry during second service. Depending on whether or not he wakes up before we leave, I usually leave him in his PJ's nurse him and then he gets dressed and fed some cereal after we arrive.
This particular morning, I got him dressed and put him inside his "Jeep" umbrella stroller. I figured it would be easier and cleaner to feed him in a chair then just in the back of the Outlook. I wasn't planning on moving him so I did not strap him in. BIG mistake.
He was eating fine and the morning was going great until a giant beetle looking bug started flying around us. I sort of freaked out and moved Kellen in his stroller to the side of the car. The beetle followed us! As I was ducking and running around, I pulled the stroller back with me to the back of the car, and that is when it happened. Kellen flew out of his stroller and onto the pavement. It all happened so fast that I didn't even realize that he wasn't in his stroller. I turned around to seem him, face down on the ground. He hadn't made a noise yet. One of those moments when they want to but can't breath. I ran right over to him to pick him up and he let out the loudest scream he's ever done to date. I held him in my arms and put my hand over his head. I tried to calm him down. His face was covered in black asphalt and a bruise was already started to develop in the middle of his forehead. He calmed down a little and a few Flip Flops workers came over to see if everything was OK. They helped me get some of my stuff and we brought Kellen to the nursery. Amanda, a church employee and friend, brought me an ice pack for Kellen's face. I sat in a rocking chair and put the ice pack on his head and he let me leave it there for quite a while. We gave him some Tylenol and he seemed to be OK. By this time it was just the two of us and my mind had time to wander.
In between my continuous apologies to my poor little boy I was thinking about possible brain damage and concussions. Someone had informed Colin of what had happened and he arrived just in time to distract me from my thoughts. But, unfortunately as I tried to describe to him what happened they began to flow. Tears down my eyes while I recalled what had just happened. It was just as awful to think about the second time. It wasn't comforting to know that Kellen was still extremely mellow in my arms.
Fortunately, he is fine. The marks on his face in the picture above were horrible, but they have since healed. The small reddish purple mark above his eye, we later realized, was from the curb. He was very close to hitting his eye, and I was EXTREMELY thankful that nothing happened to his sight.
I don't like "Boo Boos," and with him being a boy I know there are plenty that will probably come. I just hope that they aren't my fault. Is it wishful thinking to hope that he never gets hurt again? :-) Probably.

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  1. Awwww, poor baby... and poor mama! I'll never forget the day Ewan rolled off the bed. And much as you try to avoid any accidents... they happen. Sounds like he's gonna be just fine though. :)

    And the vimeo... when you play the video, in the upper right corner there's a button EMBED. That gives you the code to paste in a new post under "Edit HTML". I'll be checking back to see if you got it! :)