Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Third file, Third sub-file, Third photo

Ok, so while I was looking through some friends blogs, a rare thing... don't usually get a chance to check out other people's writings but I did today. I was on Heidi Thompson's blog and she was tagged to go to her photos and click on the third file and then post the third picture, anyone who read her blog was then supposed to do the same.

Here it is:
My third file is "Babies," which then has four babies in it, that third file is Nolan Pics, and then there was a file for his fourth month being born (third file) and then this was the third picture. SO- I had to do a few extra thirds. :) However, this is my picture. Nolan Jay Church is my oldest and only nephew thus far, and this is a picture of him when he was four months old. I think this is November of 2007. He is now 2 years and 3 months old. He has brown eyes and blond hair (usually spiked into a phohawk.) His favorite foods are tomotoes, mac & cheese and cucumbers with lime. He enjoys using his dirt devil vacuum (that his favorite aunt bought him for his 2nd birthday) and watching Toy Story, Madagascar 2, The Incredibles, and Rainbow Bright (I know, the last one is random, old school movie from when Cassie and I grew up.) He is also an avid golfer, and likes to play with his 2 dogs; Blue and Duke (both HUGE hair-shedding dogs). He is loved by all, he has a killer smile, and cute little legs. You can see him Sundays in the 2 year old class at Sandals Church. I love my little nephew, he is so much fun. He is one of the reasons we decided to have our own.

SO- if you are reading this, you are tagged. You must go to your photos file, and click on the third photo (you may have to do a few third's to get to it). THEN- post a comment below so I can check out your "third photo."


  1. wooo hooo! I'm famous now... since I've debuted on your blog. I'm a first time visitor too! So glad that I found your blog!

  2. Yeah!!... someone finally commented on a blog! I feel like this is a blog for God. :-P